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Money Emotions Manager Vivi Schenk shares her been-there-succeeded-at-that advice related to personal finance and money management.  We talk successes, failures, emotions, habits, and action steps toward the financial freedom that YOU are so very WORTHY OF.

Financial stability and comfort is, for most of us, a long-term goal but one that we must be consciously working toward on a daily basis.  Vivi helps break down the process of determining your values, evaluating your ‘whys’, and ultimately what steps to take to begin the journey to financial success. 

 Join us as we talk through the answers to questions like:

  • Where does a poor relationship with money begin?  How do I identify bad money influences and habits to be able to pivot?
  • What are the red flags that you should look for to know it’s time to start a journey toward healing my relationship with money?
  • What are the first steps for improving your relationship with money?
  • What is ‘wealth’ and how is that different from the paycheck I make?  
  • What if I’ve got debt but also need to save?  How do I wade through these complicated waters?

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